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Pre Burns Night Week w.e. 25 Jan

Posted: Fri Jan 24, 2020 9:12 am
by Squarepeg
Sunday was a Milo& Belle day where a good time was had by all
Much of the rest of the week was sorting out a hack attack and password changing. You don't realise how many passwords you have until you have to change them.
Friday just about back to normal (I hope) :D

Re: Pre Burns Night Week w.e. 25 Jan

Posted: Sun Jan 26, 2020 7:22 am
by Bigger Birdie
Monday: First stop by Staples Corner, then four drops round Park Royal. Three went without issue, the fourth has a tendency to be a long job, but not today :D . Back up to Kings Lynn to reload home.

Tuesday: A day off, visiting the dentist with Pat.

Wednesday: Back to Staples Corner for drop one, then out to West Drayton to get three off. Two without too much drama, but the third is dedicated to tea breaks, and by the time they've finished and got going again that's an hour I won't get back :roll: . A pair of swift tips in Southall and its return to Park Royal time. Two pose no issues, but the third is on full hurry up and wait. Having had to remind them after some time that my booking time had been and gone the drop gets done, but theres only enough time left on the card for a return to the village lay by.

Thursday: Back into HQ, swap trailers and off to Park Royal once more. A civilised back door tip to begin, then round the corner to a big side tip before heading along to Staples Corner to get the last pallets off. Reload Kings Lynn back to Guyhirn.

Friday: Park Royal is spared my presence for a day, and I go to Paddock Wood instead. Ge turned around pleasingly quickly and run up to Fulbourne for a load into Guyhirn..