Weekly workload w.e. 27th April

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Weekly workload w.e. 27th April

#1 Post by Squarepeg » Fri Apr 26, 2019 7:50 am

Monday we escaped to the Forest only to get urgent calls once back in phone range which caused a detour to Saltford. Bank Holiday Mondays, kids and bikes don't make a good combination.
Tuesday, took the day off to celebrate St Georges day.
Wednesday Recovery day after the exertions of Tuesday
Thursday ...... yes definitely did something, not sure what.

Bigger Birdie
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Re: Weekly workload w.e. 27th April

#2 Post by Bigger Birdie » Sat Apr 27, 2019 12:17 pm

Monday: A bank holiday, with very little lorry related activity going on :D

Tuesday: What I thought was a single delivery turned out to be a multi drop, and a busy one at that. Collect trailer from customers place in Peterborough, and run down to Paddock Wood for the first drop. More than two hours was spent here, as there was a queue. Next stop was Wimbledon, then out to Chessington before running past Maidenhead to a farm at Littlefield (really). Driving and duty time are now getting a little short, so the High Wycombe delivery stays on for another day and I run for home, making it as far as the village lay by with minutes to spare.

Wednesday: Drop my (nearly) empty in March, and head for Sidcup with a full one. They're an hour later starting than I was arriving, which sorts out the days first tacho break a treat. Tipping involves the loader appearing to take great offence at every pallet he was required to remove from the trailer, but despite the scowling he signed me up and I was on my way to Southfleet and a farm up a lane, next to a width limit with an enormous dust bowl to unload in :roll: . Out to Felixstowe to reload back to Guyhirn.

Thursday: A dodgy bulb fitting gets our fitter out of bed and loses me an hour while he shines some light on the problem :lol: . A full load into a self tip at Enfield sorts out my exercise for the week 8-) , then its back to Felixstowe on a bit of a wild goose chase that sees me touring the docks before figuring out that the place I wanted was just outside the secure area :x . Two pallets collected and its away to Feltwell to fetch some more. The Feltwell job turns out to be a full load, and theres some confusion over what to do with the Felixstowe pallets, but in the end they fit on top of the other load, and it all goes back to Guyhirn.

Friday: A full load to Crick, then into March to swap trailers before nipping back to our yard to fill up with diesel and ad-blue, as the additive warning light came on and I didn't fancy limp mode on a friday. One pallet into Wisbech, a few more to Sutton Bridge and the bulk of the job over to Spalding. Back to Walsoken to reload for HQ, and home for the weekend :mrgreen:

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