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Downhill all the way w.e.22nd June

Posted: Fri Jun 21, 2019 7:48 am
by Squarepeg
The last week of lighter nights
Making the most of it when the weather allows to get out in the garden.
Who can believe another half year as gone as we start careering downhill, towards Christmas?
The usual pottering around inside my 10 mile radius.

Re: Downhill all the way w.e.22nd June

Posted: Sun Jun 30, 2019 5:49 am
by Bigger Birdie
Monday: A bright and early start to get into London before the rush, and my first delivery before the queue. There had been a cunning plan to reorganise the delivery order to cut out a chunk of time and mileage, but wires got crossed and the way things were loaded made that impossible :roll: First drop Staples Corner, and the confusion over what was where on the trailer has delayed me enough for the queue I was hoping to avoid to form, but we all squeeze through eventually and I get over to Wembley for drop two, and the rare pleasure of being able to turn around in this yard :D . Park Royal and the one time critical stop on the run are reached an hour late, which wasn't bad going under the circumstances, and they don't spend over long tipping me either. Todays fourth delivery was also in Park Royal, up an alley way. Fortune provided a space just big enough for me to slot the wagon into whilst the forkie came to fetch his pallet, and then it was off to Harrow, and a yard slightly too cluttered for me to hang around in. Final stop was down at West Drayton, where a queue was an unusual thing to find, before running staright home empty.

Tuesday: Day two begins with three drops in Edmonton, then a visit to a little firm in Holloway, It looked like they were going to be disappointed, as four tours round the block failed to reveal any space for stopping in, but just as I was about to abort the delivery, space cleared and the pallets were tipped. From Holloway to Hackney, then a flying visit to Bromley by Bow before running up to Cheshunt to get the last drop done and heading back to begin our holiday :lol: