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Cross off another week w.e 20th July

Posted: Fri Jul 19, 2019 7:48 am
by Squarepeg
12 years ago we had the great flood Although damp hopefully there is nothing like that lined up for this year
Another week slips by with the usual excursions and appointments.
The is a family gathering planned for Sunday so hope it dries up by then

Re: Cross off another week w.e 20th July

Posted: Sun Jul 21, 2019 1:21 am
by Bigger Birdie
Funny you should mention flooding as a bit of a storm blows up country :lol:

Monday: Some miles covered. but in the car returning from a little european shopping trip 8-)

Tuesday: Back to work, and off to London. First stop Walthamstow, where a bit of a queue was bypassed as one pallet could be tipped quickly, then round to Leyton. I was expecting a wait but didn't get one as their own vans were mostly gone when I arrived. A quick visit to Hackney, then a little place in Bromley by Bo, where three lorries in the yard at once necessitated a bit of juggling to get us all tunred and departed once tipped :lol: . No such problems at my second Bromley by Bow delivery, but theres little room and many lorries waiting in it when I reach the next stop out at Barking. More than an hour is spent shuffling about to get folk into position so they can get unloaded before my goods can be taken off the trailer and I can make my exit. Straight round to another small yard in Barking, where getting the pallet off is easier than getting the lorry out once more. Another drop in Barking represents the penultimate delivery on this trip, and is a breeze after the first two, then its along to Dagenham to get the last pallets gone. Straight home empty.

Wednesday: An outbreak of clerical error means my load isn't on a trailer when I start, but sterling work by our yard lads gets me out of the gate in short order, and down to Rye Park. Two in Enfield follow, with a wait for the forkie at the second, then we're away out to St Albans and Dunstable for a bit of a change. So well go the deliveries that I have time to run over to a farm at Pymoor and collect a few pallets to go back to HQ :D

Thursday: Todays theme is hurry up and wait. Two hours at my first drop in Hoddesdon, nearly as long again down in Walthamstow where I got turned around so fast earlier in the week. Leyton and Hackney don't hold me up much, nor odes Bromley by Bow. The next stop at Dagenham swallows an hour of my day however, meaning that I need a bit of speed from my final two drops in Rainham. The first firm is tipping a container, and despite their pallet being easily accessible, they aren't going to even look at it until the container is finished, which is time I havent't got at this point. A call to HQ okays abandoning that drop in the hope of getting the other slightly larger Barking job off the trailer, aplan which works a treat and gets me away to the village lay by for the night with a few minutes to spare 8-)

Friday: Run back to Guyhirn and swap trailers, then head down to Park Royal for my first two deliveries. A qucik visit to Staples Corner follows, then a run up to Harrow and some queueing in the rain. Back up to Pymoor to grab a few more pallets returning to Guyhirn with me.