2019 Christmas Raffle Results

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2019 Christmas Raffle Results

#1 Post by HerlichApophis » Thu Jan 09, 2020 10:14 pm

Well, the results are in, and I've been on the phone to many happy prize winners. This years Professional Drivers Foundation Christmas Raffle has been a tremendous success, raising twice as much as we managed last year. That huge total, almost £1100 in the end, has been possible only because there are a lot of generous people out there, giving us prizes and buying tickets. Its only because of them that the PDF is able to continue doing what it does, and all of us here at the PDF want to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH to anyone who gave a prize, or bought a ticket.

But on to the important bit, who won what.....

1st Prize: £250 John Lewis Vouchers from Bretts Transport...J.Gardener ticket 00626
2nd Prizes: Commercial Motor Magazine subscriptions...M Kellaway ticket 01906 P>Beale ticket 00871
3rd Prizes: Truck and Driver Magazine subscriptions...S.Godfrey ticket 01726 I.Grove ticket 01361 L.Walker ticket 02801 J.Ellis ticket 01066
All subscriptions courtesy of Road Transport Media Group
4th Prize: Signed copy of Steve Parrish book "Parrish Times", from the man himself...T.Surridge ticket 02111
5th Prize: Volvo FH Box Van Model...J.Mcdonald ticket 02441
6th Prize: Volvo FH Tipper Model..."Waxy" ticket 01736
7th Prize: Small FH Artic model and Volvo diary...J.Rucchio ticket 00896 and N.Bridgeman ticket 02766
All Volvo prizes generously supplied by Volvo GB
8th Prize: Truckfest Family Gift Pack from Live Promotions Events....N. Songhurst ticket 00641
9th Prize: Toy Lorry from our great friends at CDC..."Henry" ticket 00636

Congratulations to all those who won prizes. The real winners though will be drivers in distress who are able to receive help from the PDF in their time of need, thanks to everybody who supported this raffle. From us, to you all, thank you once again. And a special extra thank you to Colin Boucher and all the UPS staff around the country, both office and driving, who bought tickets from him. Don't know what we'd do without you Colin, thank you so much.

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