Sun, wind & rain. Typical summer w.e.19 Aug

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Sun, wind & rain. Typical summer w.e.19 Aug

#1 Post by Squarepeg » Fri Aug 09, 2019 7:50 am

Another week slips by with the usual trips out and various appointments.
Never a dull moment I don't know where I found time to work :D

Bigger Birdie
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Re: Sun, wind & rain. Typical summer w.e.19 Aug

#2 Post by Bigger Birdie » Sat Aug 10, 2019 2:37 pm

Considering the summer holiday period is supposed to be a little quiet for us, you wouldn't know it this week :lol:

Monday: First stop Rye Park, then round to Hoddesdon. A swift call into Waltham Abbey preceded my final delivery into Southgate. Unusually i was given a reload from Dunstable, down a road I remembered as being more than a little awkward to negotiate. I was remembering the right road, but much had changed since my last visit, and access was much easier now. This didn't make my load any more ready, or move the lorries which had arrived before me mind you, which gave me a couple of hours to admire the new houses filling the area. Once loaded it was straight back to HQ.

Tuesday: Egham is the start of todays little excursion, but being first in line doesn't do me any favours, as its still over two hours before I get away. Chessington next, then out to Reading. The first drop here takes little time, but the second requires another two hours of my life to get done. Two customers in Newbury had to be disappointed as the tacho said there was time to get home and that was all the time there was at this point. That proved a little optimistic so the village lay by saw my Scania for the night.

Wednesday: Back to Guyhirn and swap trailers, then out to Banbury before running back up to Watford, and a place I normally aim to get into good and early so the car park is empty to turn around in. No chance of that today, so a deep breath is taken and we nose in anyway. A couple of shunts gets me into the space I needed, and the parked cars were no more than slightly worried while I did it :lol: . Two stops in Isleworth come next, both done kerbside for conveniance, then the final call was to Hatfield. Here a queue and shift change delays swallowed two more hours of my life, and left me bound for the lay by once again due to time concerns.

Thursday: Another trailer swap in our yard and I'm off and running to Bromley by Bow. Two calls in Edmonton follow, one easy, one much less so. Final delivery goes into Hornsey, then the trailer is dropped into a customers store at March before I bob tail back to the yard and call it done for the weekend :mrgreen:

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