Working up to the Harvest Moon w.e 14th Sept

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Working up to the Harvest Moon w.e 14th Sept

#1 Post by Squarepeg » Fri Sep 13, 2019 7:19 am

Worryingly we are already half way through September.
Monday was a quick trip to Birmingham Airport surprisingly on a roadworks free Motorway (well nearly)
Tuesday a much needed visit to the farrier.
Wednesday was a Tewkesbury day
Thursday a stay at home and Autumnise the garden day
Friday Foraging and end of week celebrations.

Bigger Birdie
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Re: Working up to the Harvest Moon w.e 14th Sept

#2 Post by Bigger Birdie » Sat Sep 14, 2019 6:14 am

Monday: A ride down to Swindon to self tip the load, then back up to Bedford to reload pallets. Take the pallets to Sutton and tip those, then up to Kings Lynn to reload back to Guyhirn. Staff shortage at Lynn meant it was a bit close to the end of my hours when I made it back to HQ, but a few minutes is enough :D

Tuesday: First stop Grays, then round the corner to Thurrock. Here I needed a different reference number tot he ones I had, and having got that the quantity on the vehicle didn't match the quantity on their computer. The customer decided to tip and accept the goods, despite the computers protests, but it all took time, around four hours in the end :roll: , which rather killed my hopes of being on time for any of the days remaining deliveries. With the office calling ahead to inform I run out to Leigh on Sea and an unusually empty yard for this customer, then over to Colchester for the last two drops. the first was new to me, a kerbside job near the town centre, while the last was a regular, with a big queue today :shock: . A lunchtime pallet collection was the problem, but things eventually got moving again, and I was empty just over an hour and a half after arriving, with enough day left to land back in the village lay by.

Wednesday: Back to Guyhirn and change trailers, then trundle down to Banbury. Tip there and up to Bedford to reload with pallets for Guyhirn. Back at base again and another trailer swap to take an empty across to Kings Lynn for tommorrows load. A lack of communication sees me arrive at Lynn in time for another driver to have just finished loading the job I was after, so we swap trailers and I head back to the village lay by to get a better start on my next mission.

Thursday: Away down to Swindon once more and another self tip, then back up to Guyhirn to grab another loaded trailer and run that through to kings Lynn, tip there then reload the other side of town back to HQ.

Friday: A full load out to Paddock Wood, and one pallet back from the same place, then up to Kings Lynn to reload back to base.

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