A damp squid of a week w.e 16th Nov

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A damp squid of a week w.e 16th Nov

#1 Post by Squarepeg » Fri Nov 15, 2019 9:30 am

A week of boat building should have been on the table.
I've now reached the stage in life where I don't have to go out and work in the rain, so I didn't.
Just the normal trips out the top up my caffeine levels, I also grabbed a rare dry interval to get my peas and beans planted.

Bigger Birdie
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Re: A damp squid of a week w.e 16th Nov

#2 Post by Bigger Birdie » Sun Nov 17, 2019 5:29 am

Monday: First stop Newark, where it takes well over three hours to get their delivery tipped and checked :roll: . From here its a little run down to Grantham, where another two and a half hours of my life slides by getting one pallet off :evil: . The hour taken getting the finale delivery off at Ruskington positively flew by after those first couple of stops :lol: . Reload Kings Lynn back to Guyhirn, drop the trailer there and run my unit over to Peterborough for service.

Tuesday: Retrieve my unit from Scania and fetch the trailer out of Guyhirn for Egham. A decent turn around there leaves me well to time for the Reading drop which followed, not that it made much difference in the end :cry: . Over three and a half hours to get clear there meant running straight home empty to get done within my time.

Wednesday: An early run down to Watford to squeeze in a tacho break before tipping, then down to Wembley. Here a smaller skip outside the neighbouring unit made backing in simple for once, and two more pallets left the trailer. One short hop back round the north circ to Staples Corner got another one off, and two drops in Park Royal cleared out a few more. Southall next before the final call in West Drayton. Grab a little collection out of Sutton on my way back up and return to HQ.

Thursday: Another day, another visit to Egham :lol: Two drops in Newbury follow this time, then up to High Wycombe before running into Hemel for the final delivery. Sadly their booking details and mine were some way apart, and despite many phone calls no compromise could be found which fitted within my available working hours, so that stock came back to Guyhirn with me :shock: .

Friday: Run an empty trailer over to March, collect a full one from there and crack on down to Southall. Back around to Enfield, then up to Harlow for the final stop. Return to March to swap trailers once more and drag the full one back to Guyhirn :mrgreen:

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