Onwards into the darkness w.e. 23rd Nov

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Onwards into the darkness w.e. 23rd Nov

#1 Post by Squarepeg » Fri Nov 22, 2019 8:44 am

November is that time when you start counting down the days to the Solstice. It's dark and horrible and only going to get darker.
A week of hunkering down, only emerging for various foraging trips when the weather allowed.

Bigger Birdie
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Re: Onwards into the darkness w.e. 23rd Nov

#2 Post by Bigger Birdie » Sun Nov 24, 2019 10:19 am

Monday: First task of the week was a return to Hemel Hempstead with a delivery that didn't get done last week after confusion over booking times. This time around it was in and out with minimal delay, just how deliveries should be :D . Next on the list was High Wycombe, reached cross country as the M25/M40 option was gridlocked with the morning rush hour. A pleasant drive and a swift tip, then onwards to Colnbrook, and another easy drop. Things got a little more complicated in Hounslow, as a combination of a busy parcel depot and an unrelated badly parked van conspired to make access impossible, despite many attempts :cry: . Once the customer had been persuaded to tip me in the road instead there was just Basingstoke to get done. It had been my intention to take a break on the way down, but a shortage of space in the services persuaded me to keep on trucking and sort it out after the delivery. This turned out to be a fortunate choice, as I was earlier on their list than I was on mine 8-) . With an empty trailer behind me it was time to get as much travelling done as possible before the tacho said stop again, which got me to a lay by near Biggleswade, then home ahead of the worst of the rush hour.

Tuesday: Big load down to Egham to start, then into Isleworth with one pallet. This was happily on the easy side for delivery, meaning all I had to do was drive in and open the curtains, then thread it back out in reverse. Final stop out at Iver, a place where I know a better route in than my "truck specific" sat nav :lol: . Straight home empty.

Wednesday: Wot no M25? First delivery into Melton Mowbray, then onwards to Nottingham for a long wait :roll: . We had the right reference numbers on the run sheet, but no delivery note for the goods, which left me sitting around for a couple of hours whilst HQ found and e-mailed the relevant paperwork. Another two Nottingham drops followed, then it was over to Ilkeston, quite a bit behind time :( . Its often a slow job at this customer, but it seems that my late arrival had galvanised them into rapid action, as the load fairly flew off the back :D . Last call took me to Leicester, and another pleasingly swift turn around before running back through the town to pick up the A47 and get home.

Thursday: A little ride to Wakefield, then two drops on either side of Doncaster. A self tip at Goldthorpe came next, along with a sizeable queue :roll: . Nearly two and a half hours to get on a bay and wheel the goods off meant that it was straight home from there, with the remaining DOncaster having to be rebooked.

Friday: Back on more familliar territory with a visit to Rye Park, then a little one into Enfield. An even littler one into Bow came next, then two stops in Harlow to empty the trailer. Straight home empty and off for the weekend :mrgreen:

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