Cheerio November w.e. 30th

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Cheerio November w.e. 30th

#1 Post by Squarepeg » Fri Nov 29, 2019 9:19 am

One good thing about November is it only has 30 days.
The week started with a party for Milo's 6th birthday on Sunday
Then pottered along with the usual outings until Thursday when we went to the NEC at Brum for an Elvis concert with The London Philharmonic Concert Orchestra as backing group.
Also there and playing were some of the original TCB band although now well into their 80's. Admittedly they have slowed down a lot from the last time we saw them James Burton on guitar was still strong but Ronnie Tutt on drums had to go steady due to recent heart problems. Having said that they were in better shape than the lead singer.

Bigger Birdie
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Re: Cheerio November w.e. 30th

#2 Post by Bigger Birdie » Sat Nov 30, 2019 9:35 am

Remarkable to think that some of the original band are still up and doing it :D

Monday: Down to Park Royal to discover the customer is still struggling to get their own vehicles loaded and away :roll: . On a bay eventually and then round the corner to another Park Royal drop where I can get straight in for a change :D . Back to Staples Corner then up to Harrow, and a bit of a queue, caused mainly by the amount of space the builders were taking up in there! Uxbridge follows, another swift tip, and then into West Drayton to finish. Straight home empty.

Tuesday: First stop Rye Park, then into the morning melee to fight my way through to Walthamstow. Hornsey came after, followed by a tricky drop near Pentonville. It would have been far simpler if they'd tipped me in the road, but their yard was clear for once so I had to back it in. Sadly a van parked opposite precluded getting the trailer round and through the gate, so two pallets had to be barrowed down to the back doors. Having extracted the lorry from there a visit to Hackney was next, then out to Beckton to make sure that I got inside their deadline. Final delivery saw me calling to Bromley by Bow, then rolling home.

Wednesday: An early start to get into Waltham Abbey ahead of schedule, then onwards to Enfield and New Southgate. A return to Bromley by Bow was the penultimate stop, prior to being too early for my last at Grays and having to go away for a bit. Back in late and soon out, to drop the trailer in March on my way back to Guyhirn.

Thursday: A morning call into Egham , then along to Isleworth. Out to High Wycombe before crossing the M40 to do Marlow and run back to HQ.

Friday: Gave the capital a day off and went to Chelmsford, then up to Bury St Edmunds. A quickie in Needham Market (missus!) preceded a visit to Norwich. In my early days on an artic this customers gate filled me with dread, but today the outfit just fell in 8-) . Final delivery was to Thurlston, then back to base and home for the weekend :mrgreen:

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