Light at the end of the tunnel w.e. 21st

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Light at the end of the tunnel w.e. 21st

#1 Post by Squarepeg » Fri Dec 20, 2019 9:39 am

The last week of getting darker all pressies wrapped all cards posted just need to get enough food in to last the rest of the month as the shops are going to be closed for a day.
The usual visits and a night at a show but other than that rain and more rain

Bigger Birdie
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Re: Light at the end of the tunnel w.e. 21st

#2 Post by Bigger Birdie » Sun Dec 22, 2019 4:55 am

Alongside the festive preparations, a few deliveries went out this week :lol:

Monday: First drop of the week takes me to Bracknell, then down to Basingstoke. A run across country to Thatcham comes next, then out to a farm shop near Newbury at a place called Ashampstead, before running back to High Wycombe to tip the last. Straight home empty.

Tuesday: Its Egham to begin today, then in to Ashford (Middlesex) to shift another pallet. Next stop was Chessington, via a circuitous route to avoid a low bridge. Sadly a second bridge proved unavoidable so Chessington number two remained undelivered, and I set off for Newbury instead. A very helpful forkie took their pallets off and moved a couple of the Chessington rejects into the gaps, and I ran back to HQ.

Wednesday: What no one told me when I returned yesterday was that my nit was going for service, so no one told Scania the air con needed looking at again, and fetching it back from Peterborough made me late. Fortunately Rye Park were neither busy nor particularly bothered, so that job came off easy. As did the next stop at Wilstead near Bedford, along with the Luton drop. All of which got me back in front of time for the last call in Dunstable, where to my surprise I was straight to a bay and they weren't long about getting the job done either. Such a successful catch up got me a reload from Walsoken, which took a little longer than expected as they were busy. That went back to Guyhirn for someone else to deliver overnight.

Thursday: A bit of thinking on the way down the M11 sees me dropping into Barking to do the second delivery first, then run into drop one in Dagenham second to save a bit of mileage and time. Sadly this comes undone at the third drop in Hackney, where its just not possible to get into the estate because of all the coming and going from a neighbouring mini bus company. After an hours waiting the office and I agree to give up for now and look at going back later in the day if possible. A good blindside reverse get me into the customer snug bottom yard at Pentonville, and four laps of the block and some patience squeezes me into the only loading bay outside of the next call on the Holloway road. All of this is burning time, and as I head for the final delivery in Tottenham its becoming clear that Hackneys luck is out for a return visit. Queueing deliveries and customer make for a fraught wait in Tottenham, but working with the customer gets the load off with just enough hours left for me to make it into the village lay by for the night.

Friday: Back to HQ and swap trailers, taking a different load to the one originally planned as another driver is getting close to his fortnightly hours total. A full load into Tamworth is hardly onerous, and comes off far more quickly than anticipated too. Back to Guyhirn so the workshop can release my stuck Ad-Blue cap before the tank runs dry, then out to Boston to fetch a load in before parking it for the weekend.

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