19.....20 coming ready or not! w.e 4th Jan

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19.....20 coming ready or not! w.e 4th Jan

#1 Post by Squarepeg » Fri Jan 03, 2020 11:23 am

Not a good time for me historically but I did see the new year in with the help of a Chilean Merlot.
Not done a lot apart from that but did go out and beat the bounds of my ancestral stamping grounds on New Year's Day.

Bigger Birdie
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Re: 19.....20 coming ready or not! w.e 4th Jan

#2 Post by Bigger Birdie » Sun Jan 05, 2020 8:07 am

Glad the Merlot went down well Mr Peg. Did the bounds enjoy their beating though, this is the question?

A funny sort of a week for me :roll:

Monday: Following a message from the office sunday evening I started a bit later than originally planned, as my vehicle had gone to Scania for service and not made it back :? . Having cadged a lift into Peterborough from another driver I get my unit back to HQ and a change of plans, since I'm way behind schedule for the original idea. Instead its a full load over to Newark, tip and return.

Tuesday: Down to Ashford in Middx with two urgent pallets. So urgent I landed fifteen minutes ahead of the booking time and had to wait twenty minutes for the customer to open :lol: . The remainder of the load goes into Park Royal and comes off without incident, allowing me to make good time up to Bedford to collect some pallets. Shame the forkie was only doing half a day, ending before we were going to be seen to, so it was back to Guyhirn empty.

Wednesday: First day of 2020 8-) No lorries were disturbed in the marking of this event :D

Thursday: A ride out to Banbury, where in quick succession my lorry sprouted an engine warning light and a broken drivers door lock :cry: . A conversation about fault codes with our head man in the workshop about fault codes revealed that the vehicle was fit to continue, and reminded me of an earlier unit. That one was made in France, and warning lights tended to be treated as decorative if they weren't red, since they came and went depending on the weather as much as anything else :lol: . One orange warning on my current Swedish wheels and its all stop! Kidlington comes next, where we're queueing as they try to get two days deliveries in together, then up to High Wycombe, where theres no queue at all 8-) . Last stop is Hemel, where apparently jam is in short supply because they weren't leaving it on the trailer for long :D . Back to Peterborough, drop off my poorly unit and collect a freshly serviced one to return to HQ.

Friday: My vehicles not finished, so the decision is made to leave it at Scania and use another one just MOT'd instead. This gets me a day out in one of our Next Gen Scanias, which are very nice indeed, once the mirrors are somewhere near in the right place and that annoying rattle is cured. In the rush to get back, hooked up and away it escapes my notice that the sat nav is planning an interesting route into my first drop in Harrow :roll: . Luckily I realise before commiting and make my way around the (large) block to the way I prefer to use. Its four steps in and out of the new ones, but its still essier than climbing out of the passenger side like the day before, which is nice Greenford comes next, and a bit of a wait whilst they finish the container in front of me. After this its three in Southall, all with little queues and then out to West Drayton to finish before running back to Guyhirn to get reunited with my lorry in time to be finished for the week :mrgreen:

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