2020 wizzing by w.e 11th Jan

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2020 wizzing by w.e 11th Jan

#1 Post by Squarepeg » Fri Jan 10, 2020 8:41 am

Still in deep hibernation in Peg Towers, just emerging for 'essential' foraging trips.

Bigger Birdie
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Re: 2020 wizzing by w.e 11th Jan

#2 Post by Bigger Birdie » Sun Jan 12, 2020 5:24 am

Monday: Up and away nice and early for an 0600 Bracknell delivery. My daily exercise is provided by restacking a pallet to remove a couple of damaged cases from the bottom layer, then its a steady run up to Toddington to get the lorry washed, before filling my now clean trailer with pallets from Bedford. Run the pallets up to Sutton, and after some clarification of the paperwork, which they had and I didn't, get them tipped. Reload a small collection from the same customer, collect some more from Walsoken and drop it all back into Guyhirn.

Tuesday: First stop Rye Park, then down in to Tottenham. Hornsey was next, followed by a long wait in Walthamstow, over two hours to get their pallet shifted. This meant swapping the following deliveries about to ensure we got into Hackney before they shut, then doubled back to Leyton before finishing off at Bromley by Bow. The waiting about and running in circles to meat cut off times saw me back as far as the village lay by for the night, as that was all the tacho would allow.

Wednesday: Back to Guyhirn and swap trailers, then off to London once more. Staples Corner to start, a cosy little yard to spin a loaded trailer in, but needs must, and its a swift tip before rolling down to Park Royal. Three drops come off like clock work before crossing to A406 to get a pallet tipped in Wembley. This looks like being a tricky do today, as their yard is full and theres other lorries waiting in the road, but the forkies happy to come out and grab their goods where I am, so Perivale doesn't have to wait long for my arrival. This is my first visit to a customers new premises, which turn out to be an improvement on their old site. A little shunting is needed to get all the pallets reached, though the turn around was still swift enough. Down to Southall, and then a final stop in West Drayton before running back to the firm next door to us at Guyhirn to reload back to HQ.

Thursday: Another day, another visit to Park Royal :lol: . A very civilised back door tip this time, then along to Staples Corner again before nipping over to Cricklewood to shift the final pallet. Reload from Stoke Ferry back to Guyhirn.

Friday: I should have known it was going to be one of those days when a head lamp bulb blew before I'd even left my parking space :roll: . This following an unexpected change of job wasn't an auspicious start. Having found the trailer and got the wheels in motion things were fine until the dash lit up with warnings as I approached Stanstead on the M11. Unsure as to the problem I pulled into the services for a look round, and discovered a puncture on the left inner drive tyre, which had damaged the suspension air bag on that side as well :cry: . Nothing for it but call the tyr firm and our garage and wait. Four hours later with new tyres and air bag on we're away once again, a long way behind the booking time. Not that it matters, as when I get down to Paddock Wood as theres four ahead of me in the queue, and its taking a while to get through them. Almost three hours have passed by the time I'm empty and running for home. The traffic gods are smiling however, and its a clear trip back for a change 8-) . Get the wheels retorqued after their tyre swap, then call it done for the week :mrgreen:

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