Money leak week w.e 18th Jan

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Money leak week w.e 18th Jan

#1 Post by Squarepeg » Fri Jan 17, 2020 10:59 pm

A day of niggling payouts this week but nothing on the scale of others.
First, a letter rejecting my parking ticket appeal, apparently a black bag over a sign means you are supposed to find another sign in the dark and wet which will tell you where you are stopped becomes a taxi rank at 20:00. Whilst I'd like to fight, it more the penalty goes from £35 to £70 if I do and it's not worth the time and worry to push it further. I just won't give that town any more patronage.
Then $28 to renew our USA visas should we decide to go again this year although travel insurance quotes take some believing. I could have a week in Spain for that.
My supply of printing ink is nearly out so time to re-order another batch bye-bye another 20 squid
The laptop went wrong next when it wouldn't accept a charge, I've put the old battery in and it will now work on direct power. I see from the old invoice it's 10 days short of a year since I last bought a new battery so checking to see how good their 12 months guarantee is.
Out and about there's been two trips to Tewkesbury and one to the farrier.

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Re: Money leak week w.e 18th Jan

#2 Post by Bigger Birdie » Sun Jan 19, 2020 6:08 am

Never ceases to amaze me how once things start going awry, the problems just keep on coming :cry:

Hopefully resolution will be found for them all soon Ted :D

Monday: A nice ride into Harrow, trying a new route after being sold a dummy by the sat nav recently. That worked fine going in, and with Staples Corner coming next the old way out was best. Reached Staples Corner just in time to see their bulk delivery leaving, which got me tipped in record time. Park Royal came and went without a queue to be seen, and no one was dawdling at either of my Southall deliveries either. With an empty trailer and plenty of time available I run up to Kings Lynn to reload back to HQ.

Tuesday: First stop is in Egham, then up to a little place in High Wycombe. Here the turning is always tight, but a swift thinking van driver made my life much easier by making room. Last delivery took me to some units out in the countryside near Aylesbury. Only problem was the sat navs choice of road in had a narrow bridge on it, whilst my preferred alternative was flagged on the gadget as unsuitable for large vehicles. A handy lay by provided room for a bit of thinking and a look at the map, which showed the bridge, and no reason for not going the other way. Whilst a little narrow in places, it proved to be a perfectly suitable bit of road for getting where I needed to go, and judging by the tyre marks round the gateway was the route everyone else used to 8-) . Coming back up country my biggest worry was the weather, as gales were coming, but it was a trouble free run. A bit gusty in places, and not helped by being directed to a collection in Peterborough that one of my colleagues wa already doing when I arrived :roll: . Back to the yard empty.

Wednesday: Today begins with a visit to Watford, and a bit of hanging around while they tip one ahead of me, then a bit more hanging around as I miss him leaving and no one tells me to back in :oops: . Over to Bicester for the next call, where there are two pallets rejected. No problem, except they've left them standing alone in the middle of the trailer, just waiting to fall over. Getting them moved up to the rest of the load takes up another half hour, and leaves me running late for the final delivery to Banbury. No rushing here as I'm behind time, and then theres confusion as they've two more pallets than were expected. Luckily they spot it before I pull off the bay and I get my returns back and strap them against the headboard for the ride home.
Sadly all that strapping couldn't prevent one of the rejects from collapsing, so there was a brief pause to get it restacked and out of the curtain near Brackley. The days drama wasn't quite done, as I became a witness to a collision between a cyclist and a car on a roundabout, leaving me hanging around for an hour whilst a paramedic arrived, ended to the cyclist and eventually took contact details from everyone as the police were taking a while to arrive. Back to Guyhirn, check the lorries dash cam which revealed nothing, and leave the trailer with the shot pallet somewhere it could be sorted out.

Thursday: Rye Park is the opening destination of the day, followed by a very long drive to Tottenham. Not in terms of mileage, but having struggled through the rush hour on the A10, roadworks barely a mile from the delivery added an hour to the trip :shock: . Lovely quick tip mind, and so its Walthamstow we go to next. Here the queue is down the road, and it over an hour to get that pallet off the trailer. From Walthamstow its a quick jog down to Hackney, and another queue as they tip the full load ahead of me. Parked cars and the bus stop opposite make getting in a little more interesting than usual, but once in the unload is easy, as I've got their pallets all together on one side for ease. No difficulties on getting the following Bromley by Bow drop off, , then the final call took me round the corner to Silvertown. Not a part of the world I've visited for a while, and much has changed, principally from industry into flats. This caused me to miss the delivery point as it was partly obscured by hoardings and flags, but once round a handy roundabout and we were back. One lif to tip here and a swift ride back up to Guyhirn.

Friday: Easy end to the week with a full load over to Slough, then reload pallets from Bedford. Tip these at a customer in Sutton, drop the trailer at their store in March and bob tail back to HQ. Early finish required as I had an appointment with the vet :lol: .

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