I down, 11 to go. w/e 1st Fed

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I down, 11 to go. w/e 1st Fed

#1 Post by Squarepeg » Fri Jan 31, 2020 9:03 am

A hectic week book this year's trip and then the extras such as insurance and parking
The usual trips out for coffee and recreation
I will probably see the new era in in bed.

Bigger Birdie
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Re: I down, 11 to go. w/e 1st Fed

#2 Post by Bigger Birdie » Sun Feb 02, 2020 4:20 am

Monday: A full load out to Basingstoke, then b ack up to Toddington to get the lorry washed. Reload pallets from Bedford, take those to a customer at Sutton. Short hop over to Kings Lynn once empty to reload back to HQ.

Tuesday: Today saw a full load into Egham, then a attempt to collect pallets from Hatfield. It would have helped if they'd any pallets to collect :lol: , but there was no way of knowing that before I got there. Collect from Peterborough instead and back to Guyhirn.

Wednesday: The trip starts with a call into Rye Park, then down through the traffic to Waltham Abbey. With less delay than I'd been expecting its a very early arrival at my Enfield drop, but they take it straight off which is a pleasant surprise, and lets me crack on to the next one, just down the road. This one was also surprising, surprisingly narrow :o . Canalside office units didn't have artics in mind oddly enough, but the delivery is made and exit achieved without incident, apart from the raising of my heart rate as I threaded through the cars trees and buildings :lol: . After that the dog leg blindside reverse into my final stop at Southgate was a doddle, and collections from just outside Ely and our neighbours at Guyhirn took me home.

Thursday: More London, but west rather than east today. Three around Park Royal, then down to Isleworth for a quickie before running back up to Welwyn Garden City. After a shaky start when they asked me to wait outside, I was in and tipped much sooner than expected, which made time for a return visit to Hatfield. The pallet hunt was successful this time and I took a trailer full back to Guyhirn with me 8-)

Friday: My unit is off being equipped for Londons Direct Vision rules, so it will have CCTV and bicycle detectors and all sorts when I see it again. For today I'm going back to Basingstoke in one of our older units with two deliveries to do. No dramas at the first, but number two is looking busy, and that can mean a lot of hanging about with this customer. Not today though, barely time to have a good grumble before I'm tipped and home ward bound. A pallet collection from Bedford falls through so its straight back empty and off for the weekend :mrgreen:

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