Spring is hopefully just around the corner w.e. Feb 15

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Spring is hopefully just around the corner w.e. Feb 15

#1 Post by Squarepeg » Fri Feb 14, 2020 9:00 am

The only spring we see around here is the liquid varity.
A week of mopping up between the usual appointments and outings

Bigger Birdie
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Re: Spring is hopefully just around the corner w.e. Feb 15

#2 Post by Bigger Birdie » Sun Feb 16, 2020 10:33 am

As you observe Ted, it has been a little soggy and somewhat draughty recently.

I'm just pleased to have been round here, because there seems to have been more of it all down there.

Monday: First job is take the part loaded trailer to March and get the rest of the load put on. With everything aboard, Park Royal is my first stop, four times in total :lol: . Back to Staples Corner to get another one off, then round to Greenford before heading down to Southall to get the final drop done. Straight back to the village lay by as the tacho won't let me go any further.

Tuesday: Return to Guyhirn , swap trailers and head to Southall once more. Its a bad run thanks to motorway closures putting more people on the way I'm going. Things don't improve when I get to the delivery. On previous visits he's come out and taken his pallet off in the driveway, but not anymore. Despite many unsuccessful attempts the previous week they want the lorry in the yard. Apparently the bread man can do it, so why can't I? The bread mans two axle unit and tandem trailer are a different kettle of fish to my outfit on six axles and fully loaded, but explaining that to a non driver would be tricky, so some more shunting and swearing is engaged in before I admit defeat and pull off the job having informed HQ. The reverse in is tight and blindside downhill. Taking a gentle swing to keep the cab clear of the fence results in the trailer heading for parked vans, whilst pushing the trailer round more sharply just brings the cab up against the fence before I can get the lock off to straighten the outfit up. The deflection of the trailer tyres under the weight, and the slope of the ground dragging the unit back combine to make it nigh on impossible to get in safely. Round to Park Royal, and my first tip into a customers new store there. Very civilised kerbside drop, no more squeezing up a side access and having to blindside out. Two more drops in the same area, each bringing a little more hanging about before running over to Alperton. After this its back to Cricklewood, and then home with a drop in Camden rebooked because the clock is starting to look short.

Wednesday: The middle of the week takes me to Staples Corner for my first, then across to Greenford. Two in Southall next, the second of which I couldn't have timed better. Straight into an empty yard to be tipped, with a queue down the drive when I came out! Over to Uxbridge then a last drop in West Drayton before reloading pallets from Hatfield. Time management suggests that stopping short in the village lay by will be the best option, so that's what we do.

Thursday: Back to HQ, drop the pallet trailer ready to be tipped and get onto my next load. Waltham Abbey first, then a ride out to Chelmsford for a sizeable self tip, before crossing town to do another. In the past I have hit this drop early, and its a lot easier to get in and out before everyone has parked their cars all over the show, but no metal was reshaped despite wide eyes reversing, leaving me to run over to Clacton for the final call on the list. Reload Stoke Ferry back to base.

Friday: The end of my week sees me back down that London once more. Starting in Harrow this time, then Staples Corner and Greenford get to see me again. Southall comes off quick, but the Hayes drop takes an age and leaves me rushing to get West Drayton done and home within my hours. Fate smiles and I make it back into the yard with time in hand, just. Homeward bound and away from it all for the weekend :mrgreen:

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