A week of lockdown w.e 21/3

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A week of lockdown w.e 21/3

#1 Post by Squarepeg » Fri Mar 20, 2020 8:42 am

A week on not doing much for me (no difference there)
At least we have the equinox to look forward to.

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Re: A week of lockdown w.e 21/3

#2 Post by Bigger Birdie » Sun Mar 22, 2020 5:26 am

Being a mover of food, things are still going pn much as usual for us, but all the panic buying has put a large spike into supermarket orders.

Monday: First stop of the week is in Rye Park, followed by three drops around Enfield. Over to Hackney, then along to Dagenham where demand at the C&C I'm visiting sees customers and deliveries both queued out on the road. Its still doesn't take over long to get their goods off, and then its over the bridge to Crayford to collect a load of waste plastic for recycling. This goes back to HQ for delivery tomorrow.

Tuesday: The day begins with a visit to Didcot, followed by a call into Ducklington. No D's for drop three, that was Kidlington, with a brace of Banbury deliveries to finish things off. Collect pallets from Bedford on the way back up, leave the trailer at Guyhirn and solo the unit into Scania at Peterborough for its service.

Wednesday: Having retrieved my lorry from the garage, and collected my trailer from Guyhirn, job one is a delivery to Hatfield, then a ride around a rather quiet M25 to West Drayton. To Greenford and a near deserted store for a pub chain, after which the crowded Wembley industrial area I've got to squeeze in and out of is a bit of a shock. Despite some very close moments, entry and exit does no damage, and Staples Corner beckons to shift another pallet en route to Park Royal. Two drops here, little bit of a queue at number one, then ninety minutes of my life go by at drop two. Not because they're especially busy, mainly because they're sticklers for time and I'm early :roll: . Straight home empty.

Thursday: My lorry is at work with the night shift, who were a bit late in returning it to me :( Only a half hour behind at my first delivery in Rye Park though, so not too bad. Round the corner to Hoddesdon, then down the road a ways to reach Waltham Abbey. Reload pallets from Hatfield back up to Sutton, then drop the empty trailer into a customers store at March before bob tailing back to Guyhirn.

Friday: A gentle friday run, starting in Harrow with watching them make room for the delivery before tipping it, then back to the Wembley which excercised my skills earlier in the week. Arriving much earlier in the day makes quite a difference, with fewer parked cars in the way access is relatively straight forward. Another return trip to Staples Corner, and then along to Greenford, which is still deserted, then down to Southall, which isn't. It seems sandwiches are more popular than pubs at this point, and will remain so since they've subsequently been closed. West Drayton to complete the trip, then home via a slightly busier than it has been motorway network. Apparently weekends away are still "essential travel", whatever the government may say :roll:

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Re: A week of lockdown w.e 21/3

#3 Post by TheReaper » Wed Mar 25, 2020 1:01 pm

It’s been a bit of an odd week at the blue oval, although I guess it’s been a funny old week for many around the country as we slowly move towards a complete meltdown.
Monday was a pleasant morning spent at the University of Nottingham taking part in a survey about road transport working conditions. Loads of questions and some damn fine coffee. I hadn’t realised the campus was the size that it is, glad I took the car rather than relying on public transport and shanks’ pony. Bit of retail therapy around Sainsburys afterwards and home in time to visit Bertha and Jack for stable duties.
Tuesday was another work avoidance day, although I did make a start on trying to tidy the back bedroom/my office. All I seemed to achieve was moving a heap of stuff into a pile on the landing ready for a trip into the loft. In the afternoon it was down to Mommys’ to do a couple of jobs. Evening was back at the farm and fixing some newly purchased rechargeable LED lights in the stables. The loose boxes the other side of the dividing wall have overhead neon tubes which cast some light into Jack and Berthas’ accommodation, but it’s not really sufficient. Head torches are OK but lights flashing around, and horses don’t really get on so I needed a more elegant solution. Two 40w Eruber lights from Screwfix and we now have easily attached and removed rechargeable lights that give constant decent light. Recommend them for portable worklights; changing wheels etc but they’re too big for walk around checks.
Wednesday and folk are moaning about the shortage of drivers and the need to relax the drivers hours rules to get deliveries made. Odd that, I thought the rules were there for improved safety but we obviously don’t need that when delivering pallets of bog roll is top priority. As it happens I cannot really see us doing extra runs/hours at the blue oval as the work is governed by how fast the trailers can be loaded, often very slowly, and depots are located to fit into the current hours pattern. You might get a local run put onto the back of a couple of other locals, but it doesn’t seem to be happening. Oh, my run was cancelled so things cannot be that desperate yet.
Thursday and I have the joy of taking a recycled U-Boat to Basingstoke. I think the one I’m driving suffered a pretty heavy dose of depth charging in its’ former life as it leaks like a sieve in the rain! Do the usual A5 from Crick to Towcester then A43, M40 and A34 down to the M4. Decide to stay on the main roads in the increasing wet stuff and gloom so take the M4 then the A33 to the yard. Having swapped trailers it’s follow the same path back to the M40 but this time I stay on the motorway up to Birmingham then the M42/A42 to the M1 and back to Nottingham. By the time I’ve washed the combination and refuelled it’s a 1am finish and time for home with stewing steak in gravy and wild rice for tea – how exciting!
Friday, at least it’s sunny when I open my eyes. Today is a Volvo to Burton to top off the trailer then up to meet the Scottish trunker at Charnock Richard services. Having swapped my loaded double decker for an empty it’s off to Trafford Park to swap for a loaded bound for Nottingham. At TP I get to play the ‘shunter game;’ drop my trailer in the yard, take loaded trailer off bay and drop in yard, put my empty on the bay and drop, then pick up my return loaded trailer, seal and go and get paperwork signed at security reception. All this takes about 90 minutes by the time you’ve followed procedures and remembered that you’ve left the trailer plate on the empty you’ve just dropped on the bay, DOH. Fortunately, the ground is dry and there is nobody around to watch me crawling under the trailer to retrieve the plate. The security bod takes my temperature with one of those IR forehead thermo guns and pronounces that I have a high temperature. No surprise there after all the dropping and picking up trailers I’ve just done, but after a few minutes I have returned to my usual chilled and reptilian state. The return journey is uneventful, M60, M56, M6 then A500 and A50. Whilst there is noticeably less traffic it does give the idiots more room to demonstrate their skills, or lack of.
Saturday and it’s a lunchtime start and an easy run up to Warrington. Actually I’m headed for Preston Brook but I guess it’s close enough, unless you’re having to walk between the two. I’m being spoilt with another Volvo and I have a straightforward journey to the M6 via Uttoxeter and Stoke. I still struggle to understand some drivers; in the bit before the roadworks on the A500 I move to the outside lane to pass a BMW 4 series that’s doing about 45 (it’s a 50 limit). They immediately pull into the second lane in front of me and proceed up the road at 48. I cannot be bothered and move back into lane one and they slow back to 45, now, I know the next bit is naughty but I leave myself at 48 and gently pass them on the inside and stay there as wagons are only allowed in the first lane through the roadworks. Increase speed to posted limit of 50 and BMW moves in behind me and stays there through roadworks and remains behind all the way out to M6 where they decide to put their foot down and disappear. I have better things to do than try and work out what was going through their minds, if anything. Warrington is fun as the scissor lift we have to back onto is inside the building but the doorway is too narrow to back through with the doors open, so you have to back in with doors closed then open the doors before backing on the lift, not a great deal of room for all this. Outside the painted lines guide you for the door aperture but the lift is slightly offset and narrower than the door and there’s no lighting. Personally, I would have painted the lines for the lift, which would have got you through the door no problem, but what do drivers know? Having swapped trailers I was over to Pops for my break and watch the car driving world panic that Macdonalds was shut apart from the drivethru. Decide that the old A50 via Knutsford is the preferred route back to Stoke. It’s sunny and more scenic than the motorway plus I’m kept awake by corners, junctions and the odd set of traffic lights.
Here we are at Sunday, last shift of the week and it’s another Volvo and back to Charnock Richard via Burton. Traffic is quiet even considering that Mr Johnstone hasn’t done his ‘everything is closing’ speech yet. Swap trailers and we keep our social distancing and I’m soon heading back down the M6. At stoke the road closures and diversions are in full swing. Not sure why but the Golf driver decides at less than 150 yards he needs to overtake me, he just makes it before the cones close off lane two, was I going to slow down for him/ Emphatically; NO, his problem but on the plus side I didn’t speed up either, I really do wonder about some folk. The laugh was that he still got stuck behind a slow moving vehicle, it wasn’t a lorry, rather a BMW i8 that was doing about 45 through the diversion, I know, little things amuse my small mind. We arrive back at Nottingham without further incident. Vehicle washed and refuelled and put to bed before the short drive home. Must remember to park outside the house tonight, there was no space there at 2 am Saturday morning so I left the car on the grass bank at the end of the road. The parking ticket was issued at 9:17 am Saturday whilst I was still asleep. I should have known better and woken the neighbours up whilst rearranging the cars on the driveway. So, if you live in a south Nottinghamshire village and get woken up by some miserable lorry driver rearranging cars at 2 am blame the parking gestapo from the local council!!
Have a virus free week folk.

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Re: A week of lockdown w.e 21/3

#4 Post by Bigger Birdie » Thu Mar 26, 2020 1:03 am

The reduction in traffic is a welcome side effect of the pandemic, but I am relieved to see I'm not the only one who hasn't seen any improvement in standards. Why is it only the half decent car drivers staying at home?

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