Tick another one off w.e.23rd May

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Tick another one off w.e.23rd May

#1 Post by Squarepeg » Fri May 22, 2020 5:37 pm

Another week goes the same way as the rest. Pottering around home and seeing to the garden
I have been in cantact with the farriers as it's painful to even stand at the moment let alone walk.
They plan a full coverup visit next week, as two of them are coming I think they plan to hold me down and chop my foot off.
Saturday sees the sale of the old firm, it's an on line auction but I don't think I'll be regestering to watch.

Bigger Birdie
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Re: Tick another one off w.e.23rd May

#2 Post by Bigger Birdie » Mon May 25, 2020 2:24 am

Lets hope the farriers can find a solution which lets you continue to buy shoes in pairs Ted :lol:

Monday: Run an empty trailer over to a customers store at March, swap that for a full one and head off to Enfield. Next stop is Southgate, before running down to Southall for the last. I'm well early here, but things are quiet so they manage to squeeze me in. Back up to Sutton to make a collection, then return to HQ.

Tuesday: Reading begins the days travels, with a question over one of the orders to liven things up. The problem was the wrong paperwork had been printed by goods in, but it took a bit of working out to get there :lol: . With that sorted to the other side of Reading we went, for a less troublesome delivery. Back to London and a little drop in Southall market, then up to a firm in Northolt before tipping in Park Royal to finish the job. Get the lorry washed at Toddington on my way back north, then back to base empty after the reload fell through.

Wednesday: An extra early Rye Park, followed by a brace of Enfields. Reload Kings Lynn back to HQ, tip that, then run down to March to collect a load from there, via the weighbridge at Manea.

Thursday: Another day, another run into Rye Park, followed by the same two Enfield deliveries from yesterday, just in reverse order to the previous visits! A trip to Edmonton followed, although I needn't have bothered as they elected to refuse the delivery as it was the "wrong stuff" apparently. With no guidance as to what the "right stuff" might have been, those pallets stayed on for the journey to Walthamstow and my final delivery. Reload from Sutton on the way back to base.

Friday: Today marks a hat trick of Rye Park deliveries for the week, with another extra early one. Over to Hackney next, then a run into Southgate to get the trailer empty. Reload from Wissington back to Guyhirn and home for the weekend :mrgreen:

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