D Day week w.e 6/6

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D Day week w.e 6/6

#1 Post by Squarepeg » Fri Jun 05, 2020 7:19 am

Scratching my head trying to think what I did this week. The garden looks good but we could do with a night of steady rain

Bigger Birdie
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Re: D Day week w.e 6/6

#2 Post by Bigger Birdie » Sun Jun 14, 2020 6:59 am

A little bit late on parade with this one :oops:

Monday: A simple run out to Reading, followed by a little visit to Bracknell. Happy bonus chance to get the lorry washed at Toddington on the way back home empty :D

Tuesday: A journey via circuitous route to Battersea, having to go the pretty way around to stay compliant with the Lorry Ban. And I still got told off for being early :lol: . Next its back to Reading, but a different bit of Reading to yesterday just to keep things interesting. Also interesting was the drive out to a farm near Ashampstead, via a selection of pretty villages, before getting stared at by dog walkers who weren't entirely sure if I should have been there or not. How they think farm shops get stock, or whether it is believed that all the tinned stuff is grown on site I'm not sure :lol: . Once the lanes and villages were carefully traversed once more to get out, my final stop was outside Thatcham, where the wait to be tipped meant that the village lay by was the lorries final resting point for the night, as the tacho wouldn't let me go much further.

Wednesday: Swap trailers at a customers store near March and set off for Harlow, then Enfield. From here its down into London and a little place in Southgate. Nice people, but the reverse into the yard is interesting, although better than blocking the side street they used to be in. "Slowly and carefully" was all the advice I could give another driver who wondered wo you got in. Final stop takes me to the only slightly more spacious environs of Park Royal, then its back to Godmanchester to swap trailers and run the full one back to HQ.

Thursday: Out early to get to a little self tip in Northfleet. Cracking on proved to be a wise choice, as the goods in area was getting full, and those arriving behind me were going to be there a while whilst some space was made. My worry was the five pallets I'd wheeled off not being found by the checker among all the other stock, but he got them soon enough and I was away up to Erith for a not very speedy back door tip. Its back to Gravesend for the next delivery, into a little firm which wasn't open when I left Northfleet. Final delivery is another little self tip over at Chelmsford, which comes off with enough time to grab a reload on my way back up. That's out of Fulbourne today, normally a relatively brisk affair, except this is a busy day and there are several ahead of me in the yard. With time not in abundance after my early start, I call the office and let them know whats occurring, they contact the customer, and it turns out that my load is ready and in their way, which gets me shifted to the front of the line quite swiftly, and loaded in a hurry too. Out through the lanes and back to Guyhirn with the load.

Friday: A full load out to Harlow, reload from Stretham back to Guyhirn and done for the week as my lorry needs to go to Wales :mrgreen:

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