Bright ays of summer w.e 20th June

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Bright ays of summer w.e 20th June

#1 Post by Squarepeg » Fri Jun 19, 2020 8:00 am

A week that got progressively damper, we started off with dry, parched lawns and ground you couldn't get a spike into, It finishes with full water tanks, lush green grass and plants blowing over in the soft ground.
Sadly the world seems an emptier place without Vera Lynn around.

Bigger Birdie
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Re: Bright ays of summer w.e 20th June

#2 Post by Bigger Birdie » Mon Jun 22, 2020 4:32 am

The meterological turn around was quite something. From near desert to near drowning in a few short days :o

Monday: Out to Reading for the weeks first delivery, then back along the M4 to Battersea for the second. Reload Kings Lynn back to Guyhirn.

Tuesday: Rye Park starts todays trip. On leaving I notice a soft tyre on the drive axle, and when I stop outside theres a big screw in the drivers side steer tyre too! Three and a half hours pass getting things sorted out, then its a question of how many of the days remaining deliveries can I get shifted in whats left of my working time? Brimsdown and Enfield come off without too much drama, as does Picketts Lock but Edmonton can't wait so its down into Tottenham for a couple of cash and carries before rolling over to Walthamstow for what became the days final call. There simply wasn't enough time remaining to get round to Leyton, so that was rebooked and I headed for the exit. Back as far as the village lay by for the night.

Wednesday: Back to HQ and swap trailers, then after a little bit of jiggling round squeeze yesterdays returns onto the back of todays run. Straight into Edmonton to get the first off, then over to Leyton for the second before running back to Enfield to begin todays deliveries! A pair of Enfields pass without too much bother, then its time to head for Essex. Sadly Chelmsford is less ready for me than I for them as my booking is an hour later than my arrival time, so its round the corner to pass the time. The self tip doesn't take too long once I'm in and its then straight back empty.

Thursday: A change of scenery as High Wycombe is my first port of call, followed by a trip to Didcot. Kidlington and Bicester finish the tour, with Banbury unable to wait for me to reach them today. Back to HQ with just their pallet remaining on board.

Friday: Over to Burton Latimer to load, then up to Stoke to make the delivery. Rain is the main feature of the day, lots and lots of it. Straight home empty to begin a week off :mrgreen:

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