Going out like a lamb w.e 30th March

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Going out like a lamb w.e 30th March

#1 Post by Squarepeg » Fri Mar 29, 2019 8:08 am

A nice week weatherwise where lots of gardening got caught up with. Grass cut and onions planted.
Not a lot happening on the getting about front as my feet are currently restricting movement.

Bigger Birdie
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Re: Going out like a lamb w.e 30th March

#2 Post by Bigger Birdie » Sun Mar 31, 2019 6:59 am

Whilst Ted finds himself confined to his estate, I have been roaming further than usual this week 8-)

Monday: Its a little self tip in Doncaster to begin my weeks labours. A visit to Scunthorpe comes next, then along to Grimsby. Final delivery of the day takes me back to Doncaster, and a two and a quarter hour wait to get away. Drop the empty trailer into a customer in Peterborough, collect a driver from Scania on the way through to Guyhirn and that was day one done.

Tuesday: Southbound on day two, with Aylesford being the first port of call. Aveley in Essex came next, after a breather at Thurrock services, then the last drop saw me down in Dagenham. Back up towards the fen and reloads from Stretham and Kings Lynn take me back to HQ.

Wednesday: Some of that London today, starting near Staples Corner before going to do two in Park Royal. A little kerbside job in Perivale, then round to Greenford and a nice back door tip where the security guard remembers my name despite it being some while since I've been in there :D . A quick call in Uxbridge followed by a tricky blindside in West Drayton then up to Southall to shift the final pair of pallets on the trailer. Another Stretham reload gets me back to base and done for the day.

Thursday: Two pallets haven't made it onto the trailer when I come in today, so theres a short pause while they're added on. This gives me the chance to have them placed where I want them, which will make life much easier later. First drop goes to a small unit on the outskirts of Sevenoaks, then its a little cross country run to Paddock Wood, via Tunbridge to avoid the roads closed in the area. Depite the Wallace Arnold diversion I'm still well to time for the Paddock Wood mob, and they repay my promptness by moving my carefully placed pallets for the delivery after theirs. Having spotted this attempt to tidy my trailer, I let them go back in and return things to how they should be :roll: . Next stop is Gravesend, where having two pallets together on one side pays dividends, as I can open just one curtain and don't have to move the lorry to allow access to the other side of the trailer 8-) . Final delivery takes me to Erith, and a conundrum. The delivery address is a little unit up a cul de sac, but the companies main premises are in a larger building at the end of the road. As the cul de sac nit is the delivery address, and its signed as part of the company, thats where we go. Shame they're only storing in there now, and taking deliveries in the main building :roll: :arrow: :( . Its an awkward reverse out, but far more civilised on the main site, and once empty a straight run back to base.

Friday: I begin the end of my week as an Essex boy, with a self tip in Chelmsford to kick things off. Up to Bury St Edmunds next, then two drops in Great Yarmouth. The first is in a little back street, with on way in and the same way to get back out after. Sadly I don't find the right way first, giving me some more chance to practise reversing in confined spaces as I extracted the lorry from one end of the street and found my way round to the middle where the delivery can be reached :oops: . The second Yarmouth job is on an industrial estate, and after my town centre clanger the dog leg reverse through their gate is a doddle :lol: . Last pallet is Norwich bound, then its back to HQ through all the friday traffic to get home for the weekend :mrgreen:

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