A whole working week, for some. w.e. 18th May

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A whole working week, for some. w.e. 18th May

#1 Post by Squarepeg » Fri May 17, 2019 7:34 am

The usual stuff going on this week, just pottering around.
I do have a trip to Birmingham airport on Saturday morning just to renew my acquaintance with the M5.

Bigger Birdie
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Re: A whole working week, for some. w.e. 18th May

#2 Post by Bigger Birdie » Sun May 19, 2019 6:30 am

Monday: Back to it after a week away with a stomach bug, and off to Bracknell. From Bracknell I cross the M4 to a delivery in Reading. In towards London to tip at Ashford, then over to Hounslow, which happily wasn't the customer I thought it was, making for a far less stressful tip :D . Back up to Kings Lynn to reload for Guyhirn.

Tuesday: Solo in to Peterborough to collect my trailer, then down to Enfield and a customer who is always happy to get their stuff early 8-) . Out into the traffic clogged M25 and up to High Wycombe, where the yard is rather snug, but the forkies always friendly, then along to Bicester to get rid of the last of the load, and be grateful I'm tipping where I am and not the firm over the road :lol: . Back to Kings Lynn and another load for Guyhirn.

Wednesday: A full load down to Worthing, and my first visit to the customers new premises. To celebrate the occasion I miss their turning and do an extra lap of the industrial estate :roll: . Following a very sedate unload through the back doors I head back to Fulbourne near Cambridge to collect a load returning to Guyhirn.

Thursday: A trip 'oop north, begining with a self tip in Doncaster. The size of the load put the pallets right to the rear of the trailer, making getting them out a tricky proposition. Having managed that and sorted the broken pallet incurred during the efforts, their computer system went for a lay down, meaning no paperwork for anyone :x . Two and a half hours after pulling in I have the POD and I'm off to be a bit late for an RDC the other side of Doncaster, who manage to get twice as many pallets off in half the time, which was quite a surprise given their usual turn around times :lol: . Next stop Scunthorpe, where arriving late puts me to the back of the queue. Its some queue as well, with three hours passing before I have wheels turning once more. All of this hanging about means Hull won't see their delivery today as theres no longer enough hours on my tacho to do that and get home afterwards, so its straight back to HQ.

Friday: Having a full day ahead of me I get stuck in early, gambling on being able to get my first drop in Milton Keynes off ahead of schedule. The plan works and I crack on down to Luton, and another good tip. Hemel Hempstead next, and now my luck ran out, as the bay I need is in use, and once I get on the bay, its tea break :roll: . Tipping takes less time than tea, but the damage is done and further hanging around in Harlow sees me returning to base with a delivery for Chelmsford not done :evil:

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