Mild May Meanderings w.e. 25th

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Mild May Meanderings w.e. 25th

#1 Post by Squarepeg » Fri May 24, 2019 7:08 am

A trip to BHX early Saturday gave me the chance of a blast up the motorway before too many got around.
The rest of the week has mainly been pottering in ever decreasing circles.
It looks like we shall have some peas ready for picking this weekend.

Bigger Birdie
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Re: Mild May Meanderings w.e. 25th

#2 Post by Bigger Birdie » Sun May 26, 2019 5:11 am

Just three days this week, then a very long Bank Holiday break which has given us the chance to get a lot of weeds shifted at last 8-)

Monday: Park Royal is my first destination of the week, although the closure of the North Circular due to an accident makes for a scenic ride around to get into the area. Three drops in the one post code followed, one through the back doors, one over the side in a decent yard, and one side tip up a cul de sac with a blind side exit, just to make things interesting. Southall came next, then back up to Staples Corner, where the presence of one of their own on the loading bay meant all deliveries had to wait to leave because no one can turn round when they're tipping their own. There wa supposed to be another Park Royal drop to do, but since it wasn't loaded we didn't bother, and went to Stretham to collect a stock load going back to Guyhirn instead.

Tuesday: Collect a trailer from Peterborough and head over to Bicester, then back across a surprisingly quiet M25 to reach Hoddesdon. With the trailer empty I head around the corner at Hoddy to collect pallets, a reload which swallows three hours of my day before I can get going back up to HQ.

Wednesday: Administrative error meant my cange of holiday dates hadn't been noted, so a last minute change to the plan was required, which got me a load up to Newark. Tipped that, then reloaded Kings Lynn back to Guyhirn. Swapped my full one for an empty trailer to make collections in Walsoken and Wisbech, then back to base and clear out the cab ready for MOT time :D

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