Witless wanderings w.e. 1st June

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Witless wanderings w.e. 1st June

#1 Post by Squarepeg » Fri May 31, 2019 7:27 am

Monday we took a drive into the Cotswolds with lunch at Stow on the Wold where we were amused by Japanese tourists struggling with the intricacies of a 20p slot machine which guarded the toilets, Lady SP not so amused.
After a quiet Tuesday, Wednesday was Oakapple day which as you all know commemorates the restoration of Charles II to the throne (I wonder if he needed to find 20p first?)
It was also Lady SP's wedding anniversary which was noted with a meal with some of the results of the union.
Thursday's highlight was an appointment with the farrier who, not pleased with what he saw, booked me back in on Monday
Friday the usual foraging and end of week celebration in the fair town of Tewkesbury.

Bigger Birdie
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Re: Witless wanderings w.e. 1st June

#2 Post by Bigger Birdie » Sun Jun 02, 2019 6:22 am

Monday: A Bank Holiday, lorry free apart from my details for Tuesday arriving via text message.

Tuesday: What those details failed to mention was that the load I wanted was in a customers yard at March, so job one was to go down there with an empty trailer and swap it for the full one. Job one brought problem one, the loaded trailer was one of our high ones, necessitating a detour round a bridge to get into my first delivery at Chessington. The trailer change and sussing out the way round the bridge meant I was later away than intended, which meant losing more time to a series of small accidents on the M25 :x . Net result, very late arrival at Chessington, and an urgent need to get a tacho break in with over four hours driving done already. Break over its time to head for Reading. Sadly news of my lateness hadn't been comunicated to the customer, so Reading decided to reject their delivery :roll: . Onwards to Basingstoke, and another late arrival. As I'm late its hurry up and wait for them to tip me when they're good and ready. Luckily they're ready before the tacho calls time to go time, and the forkie manages to pull their pallets out from amongst the Reading load, leaving me to strap it all up and run for home. More traffic sees the clock running awful low as I slip into the village laybywith barely 15 minutes drive left :o

Wednesday; Back to HQ and swap trailers for todays little ride around. For reasons unclear half the delivery notes for this run are absent. Not a problem, I know where the deliveries are going, and the paperwork can be e-mailed accross as I go. Down to Wembley, and they're having issues with their e-mail, so another solution to the POD problem has to be found. Onwards to Park Royal, where despite repeated attempts, it takes over an hour to get a copy of the delivery note to the right place in the company. Two more drops in Park Royal go smoothly as I've got the paperwork for these. Sadly the progress slows in Southall as the e-mail gremlins trike once again, with two more hours wasted getting proof of delivery arranged. All of the bother has swallowed too much time for me to get a reload on my way home, so its straight back empty.

Thursday: The last two days have been done in someone elses unit as mine was in for its MOT .So nice to be reunited with all my kit, and all my own radio station choices too 8-) . No time to relax though, as deliveries need to be done. Two in Hatfield get things moving, then I get one lifted off the front of the trailer in Cheshunt to save time and mileage later. We're still well ahead of the booking time for Rye Park, but I reckon theres no harm in asking, and its quite a surprise to be let in almost two hours in front of the appointed hour :D . After several chapters of a good book theres just Edmonton to deliver to. They're busy, the yard is crowded, and the only parking is on the road outside, which doesn't help the traffic at all. An hour passes watching scenes from wacky races as people squeeze into the most unlikely gaps in their quest to be a little further forward :lol: . Then its my turn on the bay, and the forklift soon has all eight pallets off and gone. Back up to Stretham to reload for Guyhirn, and away to HQ.

Friday: The end of my week begins with a visit Leighton Buzzard, then along to Welham Green to shift the other half of the load. Once the office had got over their suprise at my being empty so soon, they get me a reload from Stoke Ferry back to Guyhirn. With a little bit of time remaining I'm then sent to Wisbech to load another one in, which gets done with minutes to spare as four of us manage dot arrive at once and I was the back of the queue :roll: . Back to Guyhirn just in time to begin my DCPC course for this year 8-)

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