June Juants w.e. 8th

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June Juants w.e. 8th

#1 Post by Squarepeg » Fri Jun 07, 2019 7:13 am

Monday and a trip to Bristol to see the show Matilda, a fine production by all.
Tuesday domestic duties
Wednesday, north to Tewkesbury for a mid-week break.
Thursday domestic & garden duties
Friday End of week celebrations can commence.

Bigger Birdie
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Re: June Juants w.e. 8th

#2 Post by Bigger Birdie » Sun Jun 09, 2019 12:32 am

Monday: First drop of the week took me to Southfleet, and a long wait as their forkies needed to get things lined up for the production line more urgently than they needed to get me out of the way :( . Having got that off it was only a short hop accross the A2 to Northfleet, and a quick self tip before trundling down to Aylesford to get round a pair of deliveries on consecutive junctions of the M20. That emptied the trailer, and got me a run up to a customers store at March, where my empty trailer was swapped for a full one going back to HQ.

Tuesday: Two pallets into Leyton begin the trip, then round the corner to Hackney to get rid of a few more. Out to Beckton, then back into Bromley by Bow, then a challenging little back street in Bow for the last pallet on the trailer. My truck sat nav had some interesting ideas on getting to this one, but Google street view had provided me with a better one once I saw where the gate was :lol: . A swift reload out pf Stretham gets me back to Guyhirn in much less time than I'd been expecting when I started that morning 8-)

Wednesday: Today begins with a vist to a home delivery warehouse in Erith, where things aren't as they first appear. The big well signed entrance road off the dual carriageway turns out to be for thier vehicles only :oops: , with goods in tucked away around the back :roll: . There wasn't much point rushing either, as once I'd conquered the maze and got to a bay, it took them two and a half hours to get their orders off the back and get me on my way again :cry: . Its a return visit to Southfleet, and a much prompter turn around than monday, getting me away to the Isle of Sheppey for a quick self tip before running back over the bridge to Sittingbourne and my final delivery of the day. Straight back up to that customer in March again to leave them my empty trailer, and back to Guyhirn solo.

Thursday: Its narrow gear day today :lol: . Three drops in Edmonton begin the run. Number one has a little yard, which I manage to turn around in before the staff arrive and clutter it up with their cars. Number tow is a kerbside delivery which I can't get into the way I would like as a result of parked vehicles, so its a slow rush hour ride round the block to squeeze in via a side street. Another pallet leaves the trailer, and I contemplate my options for getting out of there. Its either two very tight corners, with a pair of narrow junctions between them, or a blindside reverse into some units and two hundred yards the wrong way up a one way street. That the blindside/wrong way option is the less stressful choice should tell you all you need to know about the other route :D . The third stop is the opposite side of the North Circ, and quite civilised by comparison, although another ride round the block has to be taken in order for the delivery before me to leave so I could get in. After that little lot, finding a loading bay on the Holloway Road was much less taxing, before heading over to Hackney. My luck was holding as there was room to park outside for a change while the delivery ahead of me got unloaded, and prior experience of this drop had seen me request it loaded on one side, speeding the unload considerably. Another Hackney call followed, with much more civilised access, before the final delivery went into Bromley by Bow. Empty up to March to reload back to Guyhirn.

Friday: Waltham Abbey begins the end of my week, where for the first time ever I get there before they open :lol: . I almost didn't recognise the place with the doors shut :? . Three drops in Park Royal come next, each adding their own portion of hurry up and wait to my day. Despite their best efforts theres still just enough time to grab a small load from our next door neighbours on my way back to Guyhirn to get finished for the weekend 8-)

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