Phew! That was warm w.e 27th July

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Phew! That was warm w.e 27th July

#1 Post by Squarepeg » Fri Jul 26, 2019 7:07 am

We started with a party for lady SP's birthday on Sunday
Monday was the farrier's day
The rest of the week was going very continental and not doing much until the evening.

Bigger Birdie
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Re: Phew! That was warm w.e 27th July

#2 Post by Bigger Birdie » Sun Jul 28, 2019 4:38 am

Monday: Destination Bracknell for delivery number one, then single pallets into Ashford and Feltham to empty the trailer out. First reload is out of Godmanchester, but that's not ready when I get there, so I'm redirected to a customer in Peterborough whose goods are good to go. Get that on and back to HQ.

Tuesday: A visit to Aylesford starts things off. Sadly I should have been there yesterday apparently :oops: , so its a three hour wait for them to fit me in amongst the booked deliveries. After all that hanging around the ride up to Barking provides a welcome change of scenery, which isn't something you can always say about Barking :lol: . Its a quick tip, to the dismay of those in the queue, then a short ride over to Bromley by Bow and Hackney to get two more deliveries ticked off the list. A little yard in Southgate comes next, and then the final stop is down in Tottenham. Here I know the road, but I'm unsure where the customer is along there. The presence of a six foot width limit at the end of the commercial area means little room for error in finding the right place, so I get stopped and walk down to confirm which one I need to get into, and where I need to get into it. Now knowing where I'm going, as I pull away from the kerb another motorist decides that using mirrors when reversing is over rated, and backs into the side of my unit :shock: . Damage is limited to a big scuff on my side skirt and a crease in her bumper, so details are exchanged and I'm on my way, feeling furious because I've only had it back a fortnight after the last agency driver dents were repaired :roll: . All of this has taken time, and once the last customer has their goods and I'm out of the narrow little road where its all gone on, theres mot enough left to make it back to Guyhirn, so village lay by for the night it is then :D

Wednesday: Swap trailers in our yard and roll on down to Rye Park, then onwards to Enfield and a little wait until the man with the forklift licence puts in an appearance. From Enfield the final call is into Grays, where I'm early but they don't seem to mind, or want to hang about getting me back on my way. Reload from Stoke Ferry back to Guyhirn and done.

Thursday: A change of direction gets me out to Egham, and then on to Reading. Its the hottest day of the year, and Readings waiting room is almost unbearable with its single fan moving the heat about :evil: . A query over one of the orders gets me three hours of hot draught, and its a joy to get away to the farm at Ashampstead which is my final destination. The roads out there and back are nice to look at, but a little narrow in an artic, but entry and exit is acheived without incident and its back up as far as my tacho will let me, so the village lay by beckons once more 8-)

Friday: Back to Guyhirn for a trailer change, then up to Newark with a full load before returning to Peterborough to collect half a load going back to Guyhirn and the start of my weekend :mrgreen:

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