Showerless April w.e. May 1st

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Showerless April w.e. May 1st

#1 Post by Squarepeg » Fri Apr 30, 2021 8:01 am

Grandkids invaded last Saturday, somewhat delayed by the M5 accident which sadly took the life of a lorry driver and left two others in hospital. Be careful out there.
The rest of the week was rather mundane with just the usual walks in the park and one trip to Tewkesbury to blow the cobwebs out the car

Bigger Birdie
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Re: Showerless April w.e. May 1st

#2 Post by Bigger Birdie » Sat May 01, 2021 3:38 am

Monday: Over to Belvedere for a little self tip action to start the week. Tipping was easy, it was the checking which took some time, a scenario repeated at the Northfleet delivery which followed. Back up to Peterborough to make a collection, then accross to March for another, both going back to Guyhirn finished the day off nicely.

Tuesday: Todays first drop is in Harrow, so we're away good and early to ensure that a break can be taken on the way down. That means that once the first drop is off I can crack on into the rest of them without tacho time being a worry for a while. After Harrow there were two deliveries and a collection in Park Royal. Happy chance put them on opposite sides of the road from one another, with a shared fork lift to boot, which made for a very easy stop for me. One parking space, half an hour and its all sorted and I'm away to Southall. Here the access is narrow and the customer isn't in, so I get to sit in the narrow access for a bit until a man with keys arrives to accept the delivery. Down the road to another Southall drop and then the trailer is empty, and I get instructions to reload from a customer up at Sutton. Sadly its not quite ready when I arrive, so theres a little bit of hanging around to get loaded and back to HQ.

Wednesday: My calculations suggest that starting slightly later than I'd really like for the first drop might suite the subsequent stops better. Sadly two hours waiting at that first drop in Hatfield kills that plan. It does make getting the second Hatfield done much simpler, at least once the car driver who thought parking right on a corner was a good idea got over it and moved to let me through. Stop three took me back into Park Royal, before a run into Greenford to a customer I hadn't visited for quite some time. Low staff levels and rising workload meant I got to stay visiting for two and a half hours, putting me a little way behind schedule. But two good tips and I'd still have the job done. Twas not to be. A sizeable queue at the penultimate call in Southall swallowed over a hundred minutes of my afternoon and left me dashing for the village lay by with one delivery returned un done.

Thursday: Back to HQ and swap trailers, then plot a course for Croydon. Traffic and the need for a tacho break meant I was a little late for this, but no one noticed, and it wasn't long until drop two in Mitcham came off too. The third call was up in Battersea, an dtook a bit of getting off as it was down a dead end, and the driver ahead of me was having to restack his delivery. With their pallet tipped and the lorry backed out all that remained was to get over to Thameside for the final call. A long slow slog accross town gets me to the delivery address, and a blindside reverse of many shunts got me into their yard. Limited room meant the swiftest way to get the pallets off was to pump truck them down to the back doors, and then it was all speed for home. Traffic problems around Beckton pushed me to the edges of my working day, but we got back in time, just.

Friday: A smart shirt DCPC day 8-)

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