Nuts in May, w.e. 8th

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Nuts in May, w.e. 8th

#1 Post by Squarepeg » Fri May 07, 2021 8:13 am

Another week slips by almost unnoticed. The weather has been more like March and not at all encouraging. Bank holiday Monday was spent hunkered down and the rest of the week was similar. I did brave the elements to attack a bunch of grape hyacinths that were taking over the front border. You have to get them when the ground is a bit claggy as every bulb has ten babies about the size of a grain of sand

Bigger Birdie
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Re: Nuts in May, w.e. 8th

#2 Post by Bigger Birdie » Sat May 08, 2021 7:36 am

The nuttiest thing about May so far is the weather!
Frosts, floods and gales, not quite what one associates with this point on the calendar.

Monday: A Bank Holiday spent mostly finishing the garden jobs which escaped being done the day before :lol:

Tuesday: Back to work for a rest and the week begins with a visit to Erith for a nice civilised back door tip. Next stop Northfleet to do a little bit of self tipping, and bump into a man I haven't seen for quite a while whilst I'm at it :shock: . With pallets unloaded and the world set to rights theres another Northfleet drop to do, tucked away in a little industrial area. Last drop goes down to Aylesford, then its a steady drive home with an empty trailer.

Wednesday: Time at home looking after my poorly Pat.

Thursday: More time with the poorly lady.

Friday: With Pat feeling a little better I go back to work, just running locally in case things change. Once I'd given my unit a rinse off and put some diesel in, job one was to collect a load from Kings Lynn and fetch it back to the yard. Being a little early for the collection meant a little wait before loading, then the workshop called as I was running back to the yard to ask for the trailer to be kept back for MOT prep. Back at base I get the load tipped and the trailer taken off road ready for its test, then head back to Lynn with a load of timber. Last time I took timber on to the docks there it was through the gates and straight down to the end of the road. Sadly last time was a different timber company, leaving me with a tricky U turn to get back round to where this load needed to go. After a short while in a queue the timber is unloaded and I head to the other side of Kings Lynn to reload, pausing to finish my tacho break in a handily placed lay by en route. Take this load back to Guyhirn and get it taken off so that I can grab another, out of Wisbech this time for a change. No queueing at this one, which isn't usual so we're in and out in the time it takes to drop 26 heavy pallets on, then battle through the Wisbech rush hour to geit back to HQ and away for the weekend :mrgreen:

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