Warm and wet journeys w/c 13/06/21

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Warm and wet journeys w/c 13/06/21

#1 Post by Bigger Birdie » Sun Jun 20, 2021 6:06 am

Monday: The week began with inductions for two drivers, one a returnee after a few years plying his trade elsewhere, the other more recently qualified but with a good attitude. After a very pleasant spell introducing them to the world of Bretts, it was back to work. A load to collect from a customers store at March for three local deliveries. The loads not ready, then I need to swap onto another job as it involves one of our long trailers and the driver it was initially allocated to lacked the experiance to take one out. Lots of hanging about, to the tune of three hours and more before its on wheels and we're Spalding bound. It turned out to be a fools errand, as the customer had neither staff nor space to deal with the delivery, resulting in it all going back to Guyhirn for redelivery later.

Tuesday: The days planned load to Dover is swapped for a London multidrop as we've no long trailers around for the Dover job when I start my day. So down to Wembley we go and a single pallet off in a pleasingly deserted little industrial estate. Park Royal next, where I turn up just ahead of the fork lift driver to discover that fate has smiled upon me and put both of their pallets together on the same side. This is a blessing for a limited access side tip. Another Park Royal comes out via the back doors, then its over to Alperton for a bot of a break before tipping and slipping down to Southall. Normally a long job, there were not other lorries in the yard when I got down there, which saw me rolling into Hemel Hempstead much earlier than anticipated. To my surprise they took it ahead of time, and got it tipped fairly promptly too. This left enough time for me to head out to Stoke Ferry and reload from there back to HQ for onward delivery.

Some changes in planning have left me with the chance of a few more days off before the time I had booked for next week, so the rest of my week was spent around Birdie Towers enjoying quality time with the boss :D

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