Mid winter April w.e. 17th

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Mid winter April w.e. 17th

#1 Post by Squarepeg » Fri Apr 16, 2021 7:35 am

A 3 out of four week for me, I got to see Mother, I had my feet sorted and today I get my second jab. I didn't manage to find my ears, that will have to wait another week.

Bigger Birdie
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Re: Mid winter April w.e. 17th

#2 Post by Bigger Birdie » Sun Apr 25, 2021 2:38 am

Trying to catch up with this diary business....

Monday: A bracing run out into a stiff snow flurry and a new delivery in Feltham. Having managed to miss the turning and almost run over a 7.5t bridge in the course of getting back round for a second attempt, I discover that, despite the premises being open, theres no one home! Sitting around waiting for them gives me time to worry about how I'm going to get out, as theres no obvious place to turn around, and backing out would be challenging to say the least. A little exploring reveals the possibility of getting around the buildings opposite and leaving via their back entrance. Once the customer has turned up and taken their pallet, its time to try my plan for getting out, which works out fine with a couple of shunts to make the initial turn and miss a parked car. A big sigh of relief takes me to another Feltham drop, of the more civilised back door variety this time, before running up to Park Royal. Five drops round here, four of which take no time at all, whilst the last insist on making me wait until nearer my half two booking time. Its a long two and a half hours until they deign to take their delivery off, and I can get back up to Guyhirn and finish.

Tuesday: Harlow first, then down to Enfield. A little foray into Edmonton before crossing the north circ and tipping Tottenham. Hornsey came next, followed by a visit to Walthamstow. Final drop went out to Barking, where the queue was for the C&C next door to the one I was delivering to, causing a little confusion as I backed in before those waiting outside. Straight home empty.

Wednesday: Something a little different today. Empty out to Wissington , load there and head up to Penistone just north of Sheffield. A good tip, then back down to Kings Lynn to reload for home.

Thursday: Back to the regular roads. Hoddy to start, then down to Enfield for a long wait. Into Leyton, then on to Bromley by Bow and Beckton is the last drop.

Friday: My first day as Pats apprentice DCPC teacher. Strangely reminiscent of becoming a lorry driver. You do the training, pass the test and think you know a bit. Then you start working and discover how different it is actually doing the job :lol:

Saturday: The teaching and learning continues....

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